Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

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Sea Turtle is one of the works in a series of animal spirits/totems that I am creating. People will often relate to one or several animals throughout their lifetime. These animals guide and influence. Sea Turtles encompass qualities of wisdom, perseverance, longevity, protection, luck, achievement and emotional strength.

I love the challenges of stippling which is the process of using dots to create a drawing. I use a Micron 005 technical pen which allows me to capture the fine shading of my subject. Although countless hours and thousands of dots are required, I feel the final effect is worth it.

Prints and original available

Print 11" x 14" $95
Print 12" x 16"
Print 16" x 20"  $185
Original, Pen & Ink on Bristol Plat,  24" x 18" Framed  $1850