Commission an Animal Totem

A couple of years ago, I drew spirit animals for family members and friends for their holiday presents. My wise sister was an owl, my fierce Leo-sign sister was a lioness, and my brother-in-law from Louisiana, an alligator. The presents were a big hit, and many people have encouraged me to continue to create a series of spirit animals.  I have now embarked on this venture and it's one of my favorite collections.
Totems (or spirit animals) are messengers that come in the form of animals. They are believed to serve as a guide, protect, and offer insights. People will often have one spirit animal or several throughout their lifetime. It is said that your spirit animal chooses you and reflects one's subconscious mind. It is often an animal we are drawn to and may present itself in dreams or even in real life through unusual behavior or repeated presence.
The question I often get is, "How do I know what my spirit animal is?" When I discussed this question with family and friends, I asked them what animals resonated with them as a child and what animals they are drawn to. Most were able to answer these questions easily. Over time it became clear to me that people often embody qualities of their spirit animal.
Original/custom totems are available for commission. They can be further customized with a person's name and qualities in the frame, affixed to the back, or included separately. 
11” x 14”        $675
12” x 18”        $950
16” x 22”       $1250
Please email to commission an animal totem.